How to Find Comfortable High Heels


As many of you all know I LOVE wearing high heels!  And I’ve shared with many of my friends the tick to finding comfortable shoes.  Because I’m not the really the type of lady to switch out my heels for a pair of flip flops for flats.  The trick to the trade is picking a shoe that is comfortable to wear for the entire event.  Be it work, a wedding or the club you CAN find a shoe that you won’t have to peel off in the middle of the day due to pain.  I promise!

I’ve put together a  few different tips to help you on your quest to find the perfect heel to rock!

  • You need support!  Many shoes that we think of as being comfortable — ballet flats, Ugg boots, and flip-flops, for example cushy shoes that provide little to no support. In fact, heels can be better for your feet if they’re properly supported.  Many flat shoes are just what they are flat and provide no support for your feet.  Insoles can be your friends.  They make some especially for open toed shoes or sandals.  You can find them at any drug store or any retailer such as Target.
  • Buy Platforms!  Platforms give you height without pitching you forward.  Plus they give you the height without have to balance on a skinny heel.  I don’t know the exact science of the platform but they are more comfortable that a flat based heel.
  • Shop for shoes in the afternoon.  Believe it or not peoples feet are bigger in the afternoon due to swelling.  Slight swelling can come from the food you eat, hot days or many other factors.  And swoolen feet can be uncomfortable in the wrong shoes.  Feet can swell as the day goes on, so shoes that fit in the morning may be too tight by the end of the day. Be sure to get up and walk around in the shoe store; don’t buy shoes solely because they look cute on your feet while you’re sitting down.

One last tip for the road… Once you find a designer that fits your foot well and are comfortable buy from that designer again.  Most of the time designers construct their shoes the same way so it’s more likely that most if not all of their shoes will fit you well.

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