Local Designer of Lubna Designs Dresses Me for the King Arts Gala!


Lubna Najjar, designer and owner of Lubna Designs Inc. hails from Jordanian but is now based out of Columbus Ohio.  Lubna’s interest in fashion design started when she was 15 years old.  Lubna started designing for friends and family members but has now morphed into clients from coast to coast, designing for wedding parties in New York City, radio and television personalities in Columbus, Ohio, private clients in Jordan and diplomat families in DC.

Working with Lubna to design a look for the 2013 King Arts Gala was so easy.  We simply sat down and talked about fashion what I liked and what look I wanted to give.  It was really important to me to not only look good but feel comfortable because I was introducing one of my favorite bands at the gala, Mint Condition.

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I have to say a BIG thank you to Lubna for the beautiful dress and making my night special!  I will definitely be rocking a new dress from Lubna Designs for another event.  Look out for more great things from Lubna Designs.

Visit Lubna Designs on their website and check out their Facebook page

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