Glam Tip! How to Clean Your Make-up Brushes!

Make up is fun but it can also be hazardous to your health if you don’t throw out old products and make sure you clean your brushes.  There are plenty of products out there that you can buy to clean your brushes but why?  Clean them with natural household products.  It’s cheap and easy!


Supplies Needed:

1 tablespoon of white Vinegar

1 cup of hot water

A glass cup/container

Soft Paper Towels or Hand Towel


Pour the tablespoon of white vinegar with a cup of hot water into the glass cup/container.  Soak for 20 minute.  Follow up with a hot, then cold rinse.   Pat dry with paper towel or hand towel.

This natural method will disinfect, dissolve grease and makeup, leaves no film, and is inexpensive.  Expects recommend that you clean your make up brushes monthly.

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