Glam Tip: Coconut Oil: Fab or Fad?


Coconut Oil: Fab or Fad


Hi! I’m Faith and I’m delighted to be a guest blogger here at I’m an Esthetician and Makeup Artist. Oh and I also wrote the book Love, Beauty so you’re in very good hands. When Nia asked me to guest blog I wanted to make sure it was done right and knowing about you the reader helps a lot so every article I write will have something in it you can use!

I am one who will investigate a trend before jumping in gung ho. I am somewhat of a skeptic about any new “miracle” product that’s being pushed on consumers. So over the past few months I’ve heard people ranting and raving about coconut oil and how it’s this miracle product for literally every aspect of life from cooking to beauty. So I decided to put it to the test.


I bought a jar of organic coconut oil from the grocery store. It was about $7 which I thought was kind of steep for an oil but if it’s as miraculous as everyone claims then it should be worth every penny. So I went home ready to test it out. So in the midst of me getting coconut oil, I completely forgot to get my normal cooking oil. So ironically I was forced to use the coconut oil to make my yummy chicken stir fry. I actually liked cooking with the oil. It starts out in a solid form and I just used a knife to get it out. The meal was delicious!!

Next came the beauty trials. I was unsure if this was going to work because it comes in solid form but let me assure you it melts very easy. In fact when I had the heat on in my house it went to a softer state because it melts around 76 Fahrenheit. I used it to hydrate mine and my children’s skin after bathing. My 7 year old didn’t care for it but I loved it and I noticed that the eczema spots softened on my toddler. It feels a little oily going on but your skin quickly absorbs it and you don’t feel oily afterwards.

I washed their hair and used the coconut oil as a moisturizer. It definitely helped but I did have to add in a little bit of hair moisturizer as well. I used the coconut oil as a conditioner when I washed my hair and I was scared I may have used too much! But after everything was said and done, my hair turned out great.

My biggest test as a makeup artist was going to be using coconut oil for a facial moisturizer. I must say that it is effective more as a night time moisturizer than for the day. I say that because my makeup didn’t last the length of the day as it normally would following my current routine. If you don’t use much foundation or blush then daytime use is good for you although if it is in the eye area it may cause your eyeliner to run even if its waterproof.

Overall coconut oil is a great product. I love the way it feels on my skin. I will continue to cook with it. I recommend that you put some in a separate container so that your food doesn’t end up with hair or skin in it!! I will continue to use it in my hair and on my skin and I encourage you to try it as well! I rate this product as Fab!!!

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