Summertime Fine!!! Makeup that looks good all summer long!

By Faith Walker

Well, it seems like we have finally made it! Warm temperatures have made their way out and the motto is less is more. Less clothes. Less hair. Less makeup. I can already hear the grunts complaining about less makeup. But let me explain!!!!
We’ve all seen it. We may even be victims of it; melted makeup that is. Whether you suffer from raccoon eyes from runny liner/mascara or it looks like your foundation is melting; there are some things you can do to lessen this risk.

1. Keep a good skin care regimen. If your skin gets more oily in the warmer months use a foaming cleanser and an oil free moisturizer.
2. Use an SPF. I cannot stress this enough. Do not rely on an SPF in your makeup to provide your face with enough protection. Read Why
3. Skip the foundation all together! Use some concealer to spot treat if needed. If you feel naked without it use a tinted moisturizer. You don’t have to go out and buy one either, simply mix your liquid foundation with your moisturizer and voila! There’s nothing worse than a cake face getting sweaty in the summer. The lighter coverage will give you a nice dewy effect. If needed set with a little bit of powder. Again less is more!
4. Color washes are on trend. Simply swipe your favorite color across your lids for a muted effect. Sea greens, purples, golds and browns are on trend.
5. Ready. Line. Set. I don’t care how waterproof your eyeliner is, it is no match for oil. Try to line with a powder or gel liner. If you use traditional liner, go over it with the same color powder. This will set the liner and help keep it in place.
6. Bronze Babe. Instead of blush use a hint of bronzer on your cheek bones. This will give your face structure and make you look sunkissed! I love the Star Bronzer by Lancome because it doesn’t add a lot of color but you notice it when the light reflects just right.
7. Kissable Lips. To avoid a heavy feel and to keep lips hydrated try a tinted lip balm. You can even go with a stain to keep long lasting color without the need to reapply. Stains make it look like you just ate a Popsicle! You can even use the stains on your cheeks for a long lasting pop of color that you won’t even feel! I’m in love with all of Benefit’s tints.


So this summer dare to go barely there for a flawless look that’s uniquely you! Till next time beauties!

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