Holiday Glam For Your Face!

Wow can you believe that the holidays are here already? It seems to come quicker each year. It seems as each year comes around, the social calendar gets filled more than the last year. One thing that I look forward to is the makeup! But let’s face it; nobody likes rolling out the bed when another polar vortex decides to show up. This chilly dilemma leaves us with less desire and time to put on a full face.

Luckily there are ways you can fake it! For starters you can opt for a slightly creamier moisturizer which will help foundation go on even and smooth. The cold winter air tends to dry out skin and make it flaky which can lead to more time spent trying to get even coverage. You can mix in some of your foundation to make a tinted moisturizer which helps skin get even.


You can quickly play up your eyes by following your normal routine but adding a pop of shimmer. My go to product is Lorac 3D Liquid Lustre ($16 There is a holiday set at Ulta right now which has 4 colors versus the standard two (Gold and Diamond). If chunks of glitter aren’t your thing then I would go with Glow Up by Love, Beauty Cosmetics ($12). Glow up can be used on eyes and cheeks and gives you that lit from within glow. You can get that online at

Lips are one of the easiest statements you can possibly make. The choices are endless! Reds, pinks, berries and nudes are in but you can take it with a twist! Dare to go brighter versus darker or even combine the two for an ombre look. Start with your darker color on the outer part of your lips and then put the brighter color on top. Check out Love, Beauty Cosmetics for a variety of lips to choose from.

Happy Holidays!




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