Glam Tip: How to Get The Smoothest Legs Ever!

Long Woman Legs isolated on white. Depilation

I’ve been really getting into skin care lately and things you can do to better your skin in a natural way.  And not spend a lot of money at the estertician.  I came across a scrub that you make out of products in your own kitchen that not only exfoliates your skin but makes it incredibly smooth.

Sugar & Oil Scrub:
-2 1/2 Cups of Sugar (Yes, just normal sugar)
-1 Cup of oil (Choose from Olive Oil, Canola, Vegetable, Avocado, Coconut or any fragranced body oil you have)
-5 Tablespoons of a citrus juice. Preferably fresh squeezed

Bath Time:
-Draw you a warm/hot bath
-Soak for about five minutes
-Shave one leg
-Take a palm full of your homemade sugar scrub and scrub that leg and then rinse off
-Shave your leg again. Yes, again
-Take a palm full of sugar scrub and scrub your leg again
-Repeat on your other leg
-After your bath, dry off and then lotion your legs

When you shave your leg the first time, obviously, it’s going to remove the hair. When you scrub after you shave, it removes any dead skin. By shaving your leg again after you use the sugar scrub, you are getting all of that dead skin off of your leg. Make sure you use a razor that is newer and not dull.  You will need to rinse your razor frequently (you will see why).

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