Nia Noelle to Host Q&A With Celebrity Stylist David Zyler at Saks


CMH Fashion week and Saks have teamed up to bring David Zyla to Columbus for a meet & greet and a Q&A session with Nia Noelle for those interested in knowing all they can about how to shop as he makes available and signs his newest book, How to Win at Fashion. Plus, he’ll be giving mini style assessments.

He is an Emmy Award-winning stylist who has worked in film, television, commercials, and on Broadway. He has dressed Hillary Clinton and Neil Patrick Harris, and is Susan Lucci’s longtime stylist. Frequent commentator on color and style, David lives in New York City. He just released his book How To Win At Shopping.


As America’s only nonprofit Fashion Week organization, to promote fashion-related educational opportunities and events, CMH Fashion Week is hosting celebrity stylist David Zyla February 28 at 10 a.m. at Saks in Polaris for a signing of his newest book How to Win at Shopping. He’ll also be giving mini style assessments as he signs books. Books will be available for purchase for $12.95.

Who: CMH Fashion Week and Saks

What: Celebrity Stylist David Zyla How to Win at Retail book signing

When: Saturday, February 28 9 a.m.

Where: SAKS at Polaris, 1350 Polaris Parkway, Columbus, Ohio 43240

This book signing is free and open to the general public.  However space is limited  please RSVP to



About CMH Fashion Week (2015 Season – October 4th through October 10th)
Edgy, unexpected, bold, sophisticated, artistic, sexy, fun. If it’s fashionable in Columbus, it will likely be part of CMH Fashion Week. You’ve heard of New York Fashion Week. You’ve heard of Miami Fashion Week. But, did you know that CMH Fashion Week is the largest fashion movement in the Midwest. Why? Because we are home to several of the world’s most recognized national and international fashion brands, those that define and dictate daily wear style for multitudes worldwide.
During CMH Fashion Week, we shine a white-hot spotlight on Columbus’ fashion industry. The designers, the models, the photographers … the adrenalin-rousing glamor of it all. But, it’s not just fashion, it’s fashion with a heart. Because as a non-profit organization, while CMH Fashion Week provides a platform to promote local designers, talent and businesses, we also fund a scholarship for emerging designers and create educational programs to benefit the community. For information, visit or



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