Beauty Dilemma Solved: Maximizing the life of your lipstick

Beauty Dilemma Solved: Maximizing the life of your lipstick

By: Faith Nicole


We’ve all been there. We have finally found our go to lipstick that we wear nearly every day and now the tube is gone. Or so you think. You see cosmetic companies have been tricking you into thinking that your lipstick tube is empty when it’s not. There is surprisingly quite a bit of lipstick left; enough to last at least another few weeks.

I first showed Nia this trick about a month or so ago when she thought her lipstick was all gone. I showed her a method commonly used by makeup artists called “depotting.” Basically you take the product from one container and move it into another one. For professionals, we do this to cut down on the size of our kit. For consumers, this method is helpful for maximizing the length of your product.

To do this at home all you need is your lipstick, a small spatula of some sort and another container. You can use the back of a makeup brush, back of a piece of silverware or some other small object that will fit into the small diameter of the lipstick tube. You can use an empty pill organizer or a cute silver tin to put the excess lipstick in.

how much lipstick is left

Basically you take your spatula and stick it in the lipstick tube. You want to scrape it out so that you get as much of the product out as possible. Then you simply transfer it to your empty tin. You can use a lip brush to put your lipstick on now and you can take it on the go! If you want it to be smooth again it is possible but you have to be careful. You can simply melt the product on a low temperature in the oven. Be careful with plastic so you don’t melt it as well!

depotted in container

And that’s all there is to it! Oh and if you want a quicker way to free lipstick from a certain brand sold at department store, this is a quicker way to get there!

closed pill case


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