Nia Noelle Scholarship Fund


For years I pondered on the idea to provide an aspiring journalist with financial support in the form of a scholarship, while pursuing their degree.   The overwhelming support from friends, family and strangers has been amazing and now I’m several years into this “idea” I had.

So now I begin my quest to do it all over again. I am starting to work hard on fundraising for the 2016 scholarship. I am planning some fun events where all of the proceeds will go to next year’s recipient. It will make such a difference in someone’s life as it has with prior winners.


Along with fundraising, The Nia Noelle Scholarship Advisory Board and I are looking for next year’s scholarship recipient.  If you know someone who is in financial need and is already in school studying journalism or getting ready to go to school please refer them to our site.


quincy howard 2015

Quincy D. Howard of Columbus, Ohio the 2015 recipient of the Nia Noelle Scholarship Fund

Stephanie Kariuki 2014

Stephani Kariuki of Columbus, Ohio the 2014 recipient of the Nia Noelle Scholarship Fund

joe easley 2013

Joe Easley  of Columbus, Ohio the recipient 2013 Nia Noelle Scholarship.



For questions or concerns email here:



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