Glam Tip! Natural Remedy for Painful Sunburn

We are in the middle of summer and I know many of you all are out enjoying this nice weather.  And with more outdoor exposure I know that some of you all are suffering or will be suffering from a…

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How to Cure Dark Circles Under Your Eyes!

  Dark circles are something all of us battle from time to time. From lack of sleep to allergies. Here are a few ways to help the dark circles away. – Apply cucumber juice, for say, 10-15 minutes and then…

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Weekly Glam Tip! How to Get Naturally Soft Kissable Lips!

What woman wouldn’t want natural kissable soft lips?  And what man wouldn’t want his woman to have them?! More than likely the ingredients that you need to have naturally soft kissable lips are probably in your kitchen.  If they aren’t,…

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