Amazing All Natural Microdermabrasion Skin System

Natural Microdermabrasion   Microdermabrasion has been a sought out by women looking to rejuvenate their skin for many years now.  There are many different systems out that you can do at home or go to a local salon but most…

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Glam Tip: Coconut Oil: Fab or Fad?

  Coconut Oil: Fab or Fad   Hi! I’m Faith and I’m delighted to be a guest blogger here at I’m an Esthetician and Makeup Artist. Oh and I also wrote the book Love, Beauty so you’re in very…

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Weekly Glam Tip! How to Have Baby Soft & Hydrated Skin Naturally!

Winter and dry climates make it really hard to keep your skin naturally hydrated and soft.  First think most people do is go buy an expensive lotion to try and help their skin.  Lotions are good but often clog your…

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